Life of SwanSwift
April 18

Hey dude
So I’ve had a really nice day and been happy and smiley which has been good! And tonight I looked up at the stars and it was like you were shimmering or glittering for me and giving me your blessing to keep on keepin on sort of thing. The moon was also bright and like we always said we loved each other to the moon and back. It’s fearless.
It’s been a strange old week Wednesday was an awful day and I really just wanted to talk to you and it was shitty but tonight I talked to you in a way when I was happy I could hear you more in my head saying little things it’s strange but comforting and makes me want to keep being strong and happy for you. I know that’s what you would want. I also hope you’re amused by how much we are trying to get Taylor to like our Instagram photos hahaha
I miss you every day
But I keep you with me in my heart
Han xo

April 16

Dude you were in my dream last night and I’m posting this so I remember. You were telling us all as it is and keeping us in line and I was telling you things that had happened lately which amused you. That’s all I can vaguely remember but wanted to post it so I did remember.
Love and miss you

April 14

Hey dude
It’s been two months without you and I can’t believe it :(
I still miss you so very much I will never ever forget all of the wonderful cherished memories we shared.
Hope you liked the balloons and messages in the sand on Thursday and I really hope you were laughing at Melissa and I ! Sophie tried to mock ‘Tay Tay’ again and I reminded her of the quiet car ride for kiwi yo after your sky jump haha it was rather amusing I have to say!

I’m sitting in the A range for uni which is good so far I’m happy ! Really wanna go to America in my inter semester break but the others can’t really afford and or have exams. It breaks my heart a little remembering we had talked about trips there :( you would’ve been keen :( well you can watch my failures and triumphs and guide me along I am sure !

Anyways I have done a long as shift so should probably get some sleep.

Love you to the moon and back.

Han xo

April 9

Alex- you made us proud. So proud.

Tomorrow will be another tough day but your strength will get us all through it. I miss you so much every single day. It’s like someone has taken part of me- that’s how much our friendship meant to me.
You’ll always be with me- somehow the memories will break our fall.

I love you to the moon and back.

Even though you don’t get to read this I know that you knew it all anyway.
Love Hannah
Your BFF


Demi’s speech before Nightingale



April 6

Hey dude
So it’s Sunday morning and I can’t really be bothered moving to go get ready for work (nothing new there then really) also I have a test to study for after which is fantastic haha hopefully I do ok!
Hoping to see William and Kate this week when they’re in NZ gotta polish up my skills some time right ..?
I really miss you and wherever you are I want you to know I always will and you’ll always be with me and watching over me- it really sucks some days especially when people complain about insignificant little things cause I wish those were our problems and I’d give literally anything to have you back and again anything for cancer to not exist cause it’s just cruel :(
It was strange being at your place to get photos and you not being there usually Vanessa and Mel are with me but they weren’t last week and it made it all hit home for me even more. I hope I can remain close to your family for the rest of my life though because they make me feel welcome always and it makes me still feel close to you.
I miss you more each day you’re always with me - best friends forever and always

April 2

Hey dude
Miss and love you so much as always and I want you to know I’m so proud of you and next week will be tough but nice in a way to know after all your hard work will pay off and count towards something our being proud of you at least.
At uni we have to do an assignment with pic books and I remember you one day told me that’s what you wanted to do be an author.
Anyways I’m falling asleep I love you to the moon and back xx Han

Taylor Swift makes surprise visit to Hasbro Children’s Hospital (x)